The 'original' SoundPost has been owned and run by Brian Cohen and Jane Walters: a violin and guitar shop located in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Established in 1972, we have been in our current premises since 1997. We are makers of international repute of fine stringed instruments.
As of 2020, with the onset of Covid19, the retail shop known as 'SoundPost' is now to continue as an 'online' shop, and Brian Cohen will continue with the making, conservation and some restoration work, as 'Brian Cohen Violins', in the same premises.

(updated February, 2021)

Shop online with SoundPost

You can navigate this site, or if you prefer please try the new 'click to buy'automated online shop at

New Online Shop: Soundpost UK Online

or you can get more detail by navigating this site too!

For years we have resisted going 'click to buy', preferring to deal directly with our customers, but with Covid, and the requirement to close the shop, we have decided now to offer items online: each item we offer will be listed here on this site, in their various categories.
Please follow the links above, we will try to add items often. Please be patient, this will take some time, so please re-visit the site often, or telephone for anything you may be after. Please e mail or call with your order order. We will send out 'next day' via courier or post. We cannot allow collections from the studio at this time.
We may develop a modern shopping site in due course, and we welcome back all our existing customers who we will continue to support.
Note: As we no longer charge VAT, our prices will be very competitive.
We are happy to to ship worldwide.

Violin making wood: We have a large stock of the finest quality violin making wood, built up over 5 decades, which in addition to our own stock includes a very large stock of wood from the luthier David Rubio. This includes wood for violin, viola and cello, and some viola da gamba wood from the workshop stock of luthier Michael Heale. The wood can be sold as individual pieces, or in sets which comprise a back, (either one piece or matched pair of wedges,) matching rib set, and a neck block. We can also supply willow end blocks, and linings. We also have matching sets for quartets. All of this wood is of the very best quality, and matured for 20 years to 60 years, and priced individually, ranging from about 350 per set to over 1000 per set. There are also a few large logs of ebony, dating back to the 19th C, which came out of the Clifford- Essex workshops before the war. Please do enquire, via Brian Cohen Violins

Instruments, Bows, Restoration and Conservation

For personal contact and for instruments, bows, repairs, or conservation, contact me at Brian Cohen Violins