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Brian Cohen, Violin Maker

Professional Violin maker, established 1972, constructing violin, violas and cellos to commission, both modern and baroque, in the classical Italian style.

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'Baroque' violin, by James Banks, Whiston 1824

A fine and interesting violin by a very rare English maker, James Banks, of Whiston,signed and dated 1824 internally on the back. This original violin was made in the baroque style, the set up being from an earlier period, one can only assume he was not 'au fait' with the trends of his day and was using as his model an older violin, a feature sometimes seen in violins made away from London. This violin is very full of character, the scroll being of special delight. Painted purfling in the style of Lockey Hill, 2 piece back of mildly figured maple, ribs to match, the table of medium grained pine. Neck original,scroll ungrafted, neck set on the outside of the ribs in the baroque style, with almost no elevation.Later fingerboard ebony veneered poplar, shown in the photos as being slightly too long, which shall be corrected before it goes out, as will the ebony tailpiece.Varnish original, of a medium brown colour. This violin has the original bass bar, ie short, and small, and has virtually no repairs or restoration at all- In short, a fine rare original baroque violin, set up now with Pirastro gut strings, in good playing condition. Price £2800


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